Management Consulting

benefit from specialized expertise

You need best practices, hard facts, unvarnished data analysis, and well-honed strategic acumen to successfully manage to growth. UCG’s expertise has helped shape the business strategies and operations of government entities.  From strategic decision-making,  revenue optimization, economic analysis, business planning, program evaluation and process reviews, UCG will deliver value.

management studies

UCG assist it’s clients in assessing current business practices and systems by researching current processes and identifying areas to be remedied, enhanced or refined. In addition, we assist in evaluating potential alternatives, designing new systems and formulating an implementation plan as well as developing follow-up procedures to ensure that the plan’s objectives are accomplished. We also assist during the implementation phase of the plan.

program evaluation

We conduct systematic studies to help our clients assess the performance, measure impacts and document successes of their program. As tools to support good management practice, they help managers determine if timely adjustments are needed in program design to improve the rate or quality of achievement relative to the committed resources. 

budget development process

Budgeting is a means of understanding how much resource is required for departments of an agency to provide service at a particular level. At the top of the budget hierarchy, there are two major kinds of budgets, an operating budget and a capital budget. Both capital and operating budgets are built through an entirely different budget process and both have different criteria for prioritizing and deciding spending. 

UCG assists its client in developing a budgeting process including the development of multi-year capital plans, end-of-year projections, operating base budgets, proposed operating enhancements, proposed operating reductions, personnel budget and capital budget planning.

economic impact studies

Measuring the economic significance of a program or business is essential to public debate about an agencies current utilization and planned major capital improvements. Our economists have the critical know-how to evaluate the direct, indirect and induced economic impact of operations and the economic implications of proposed development options.

benefit-cost analysis

UCG helps its clients to examine the cost structure of selected business processes or services and analyze the costs and benefits related to the business processes or services.  We present the client with recommendations and scenarios to help make informed implementation decisions.

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